9 Categories to Look Out For at 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day

Are your carts all ready for checkout? In just a few days, the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day is about to go live, with mega flash deals, cashback specials, free shipping vouchers, and big discounts on over 99 million products in store. Salamat Shopee!

There are so many great deals available at the 9.9 Shopee mega sale, so if your cart’s still empty, you can easily fill it up with the best bargain buys in no time. Here we have compiled 9 shopping categories that will be offering big discounts come 9.9, so make sure to check them out!

  1. Groceries

            Who needs to go to the supermarket when all of your pantry essentials are available at Shopee, and at discounted prices?

Everything from staple foods, snacks, and baking ingredients are available with discounts up to 50% off. And if you can believe it, these products go on flash deals and go much cheaper for the craziest deals!

We’re checking out these Starbucks Coffee Capsules that are now available for just P549, more than 80% off the original P3,000 price tag.

  1. Women’s Apparel

 Shopee is the way to go when looking for quality clothes at super affordable prices. Just take a look at these Alice Trendy Checkered Shorts from Vanilla Clothing MNL that you can take home for just P60! When you buy in bulk, the prices go even lower to P50.

Even at such a low price point, there is no sacrifice in the quality of these clothes. Choose from a variety of colors, and add to cart!  

  1. Cameras

No matter what type of camera you’re looking for – whether it’s digital, film, SLR, or instant – they’re all available at marked down prices at the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day. Your most trusted brands like Canon, Fujifilm, and Panasonic are offering big discounts on their products.

You can grab this powerful Panasonic Lumix LX10 Point and Shoot for the special offer of P34,500 (from the previous price of P51,750). For the polaroid enthusiasts, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 also goes on sale for P4,084 (from P6,126).

Complete the set by purchasing accessories like this Dimmable LED Ring Light for just P377 (from P1,154). What a bargain!

  1. Men’s and Women’s Accessories

Bling up as several jewelry and accessory brands go on massive sales on 9.9. Brands like  Mikana, Lucky Silver, and Naviforce will be slashing their prices big time.

For the ladies, cop this Mikana 18k Gold Plated Pendant at 77% off for just P299 (previously P1,299). And for the suave gents, this Naviforce Casual Leather Watch is a mus-have, now priced at P689 (previously P1,452).

  1. Makeup and Fragrances

Time to hoard your favorite makeup products when their prices start dropping on 9.9. Brands like Maybelline, Colourette, Happy Skin, and L’Oreal are having store-wide sales on their foundations, lipsticks, and eye palettes.

You can even buy a full makeup set like this BYS Lustrous Birthday Collection Box, available for P1,499, discounted 50% off from P2,999.

It’s also time to smell your best with amazing deals for fragrances in store. This best-selling Naturelle Eau de Toilette from Yves Rocher will go on sale for P999 (previously P1,995).

  1. Mobile Accessories

From power banks and USB cables to earphones and Bluetooth speakers, several mobile accessories are up for grabs at the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day.

We are eyeing this Romoss SW10 10000mAh Power Bank that is on a special offer of just P499 (from P1,299). Another favorite is this Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker that you can take home for only P399 (from the previous P888).

  1. Kitchenware

Complete your kitchen with various premium kitchenware and appliances you can score from Shopee. Check out this Kitchen Marks Two-Tier Storage Rack for P449 or this chic Premium Espresso Maker for P580.

 For a complete kitchen overhaul, you can also avail of this 27-Piece Stainless Cookware Set, all for just P1,995 (previously P3,495).

  1. Pet Care

Don’t forget about your pet on your Shopee shopping spree. Buy them this fuzzy bed for just P185, this reflective harness vest for just P142, and so many more bargains that your small animal will surely enjoy.

You can also stock up on their diets, with this Good Boy Dog Food (P537) or Whiskas Junior Tuna Packs (P665).

  1. Hobbies and Stationery

Office supplies big and small are going on sale on Shopee this 9.9, perfect for stocking up your space with various paper products and stationery.

Save up big time when you buy this set of Stradmore Spiral Notebooks where you buy 5 and get 1 free for the price of P265. These Stradmore monthly planners priced at just P16 are worth buying in bulk.

As the much-awaited 9.9 approaches, make sure to ready your carts, use your vouchers, and make the most out of the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping Day!