What is LYKA App and How Does it Work?

The world of social media is dominated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. However, there’s another platform that we may soon be adding to the list, and it’s been downloaded by thousands of Filipinos, including social media influencers and celebrities. It’s an app that rewards users for posting, sharing, and interacting. We’re talking about LYKA.

What is LYKA?

LYKA can be called a social media app, but it’s also an e-commerce platform and a “venue” for users to interact with friends and even famous personalities. In other words, it’s a “digital community” that engages people through great content, rewards, and shared interests.

The LYKA app has been around in Southeast Asia since early 2019, though it’s only recently that more people have started using the platform. In fact, it is now one of the most downloaded free apps on the App Store and Google Play. It is also available on the HUAWEI AppGallery.

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How Does It Work?

Using the LYKA app, you can post and share text, pictures, and videos — just like in other social media platforms. However, the main difference is that with LYKA, you get rewarded with points… points that you can actually use to buy some really cool stuff!

These points are called LYKA Gems. For every action you take on the app — posting, sharing, rating other people’s posts, exchanging messages – you will receive a corresponding number of Gems. One Gem is equal to Php 1, which brings us to how you can use these points.

Where Can I Use LYKA Gems?

You can share LYKA Gems with friends, exchange them for products at LYKA Mall, or use them to purchase items at LYKA partner stores.

As the name implies, LYKA Mall is an e-commerce platform where you can exchange your Gems for various products. These include e-load, gadgets, grocery items, clothes, toys, gift certificates, airfare, and even hotel accommodations!

Likewise, you can use your Gems to buy items at LYKA’s partner merchants. Among these are fashion, footwear, and beauty brands such as Adidas, Aeropostale, BLK Cosmetics, Guess, Happy Skin, Mango, Plains and Prints, and New Balance.

If you’re a “foodie,” go ahead and use your Gems to order from restaurants like Barcino, Brotzeit, Cold Stone Creamery, FRNK, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Persia Grill, Ramen Nagi, Saboten, Samgyup MNL, Senor Pollo, Sushi Nori, Tai Koo Roast, Tap Station, Tipsy Pig, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, Uncle Moe’s, and Wild Flour. Whew… that’s a lot of partner merchants!

But that’s not all… Gems may also be used for big ticket purchases: items from Gadgets Manila, furniture and appliances in select Abenson stores, and many more. And if you have a really huge amount of Gems, you can use them for purchases in select Ford, Nissan, and Vespa dealerships!

So, whether you have 1,000 Gems or 100,000 Gems (equal to PHP 1,000 and PHP 100K, respectively), you can use these to get something for yourself, or for your family and friends!

How Can I Earn LYKA Gems?

As mentioned earlier, you can earn LYKA Gems for pretty much every action you take on the app. As soon as you sign up, you get 5 Gems as an “opening reward.” You post a photo, that’s another point. When another user rates your photo – and vice versa – you get more points. Before you know it, you’ve started accumulating quite a hefty amount of Gems!

You can also get points simply when another user sends them to you. For example, if you are an avid fan of a celebrity on LYKA, who is feeling quite generous with points… he/she may decide to send you 10,000 Gems. It’s that easy!

What Else Can I Do with LYKA?

In essence, LYKA is a community of users. So other than sending and receiving points, earning Gems, redeeming items, you can use it to connect with others. Through the app, users may be categorized as family, friends, colleagues, celebrities, “new friends” – it’s really up to you!

The app also serves as a springboard for sharing content. If you have a story, artwork, or video that you’d like to get feedback on, simply post and share on LYKA. In the same way, feel free to repost other people’s content as well.

Who Uses LYKA?

As of this writing, thousands of Filipinos have already downloaded LYKA. Among them are social media influencers and celebrities who have found the app a great way to connect with their fans. These include Barbie Imperial, Bela Padilla, Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, Gabbi Garcia, Jamina Cruz, Khalil Ramos, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Tim Yap, Yassi and Issa Pressman, and many other personalities.

If you spend plenty of time on social media – posting, sharing, and connecting with others – why not use a platform that rewards you for it? Through the digital community platform offered by LYKA, you can express yourself, redeem cool items, and make new friends in the process.