How To Load Lazada Wallet

If you’re a regular Lazada shopper, paying for your orders every time it’s delivered can be frustrating and time-consuming. So if you want to step up your shopping experience, it’s time to switch to Lazada Wallet. But what is it exactly, and how to load Lazada Wallet? And to find out, read on as we share how to use Lazada Wallet.

What is Lazada Wallet?

Lazada Wallet is the in-app e-wallet of Lazada, allowing its users to pay for services and products from Lazada. This feature is accessible to all Lazada users after registering an account and only requires activation. With this virtual payment method, Lazada users can easily purchase goods and no longer have to worry about paying during the delivery of their orders.

How to load Lazada Wallet?

For a seamless payment and access to exclusive rebates, here are the available cash-in channels to load Lazada Wallet:

  • Bank Account (Direct Link)- BDO, BPI, Metrobank, UnionBank
  • Bank Transfer (Bills Payment)- BDO
  • Credit/Debit Card- Visa and Mastercard only
  • E-Wallet- GCash
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Outlets- 7-Eleven, TouchPay

Now, to make use of your Lazada Wallet, follow the steps below on how to load Lazada Wallet:

Via e-Wallet/e-Banking

  1. Launch the Lazada and log in.
  2. On the upper right corner of the dashboard, click the Wallet button.
  3. On the Wallet page, click Cash In.
  4. Next, select the Top-up Amount and click Continue.
  5. Select the Cash In Method and complete the transaction. You can use GCash to cash in your Lazada wallet.
  6. Then, return to your Lazada Wallet to check if the cash-in amount reflects.

Via Over-the-counter

  1. Launch the Lazada and log in.
  2. On the upper right corner of the dashboard, click the Wallet button.
  3. On the Wallet page, click Cash In.
  4. Select the Top-up Amount and click Continue.
  5. On the Cash In Method page, click below view all cash-in methods.
  6. Click Over The Counter Outlets.
  7. Select the store where you want to cash in and click Confirm.
  8. Then, read carefully the Payment Instruction page, which contains the Subscriber Number or Reference Code you need to pay for your cash-in.
  9. Follow the Payment Instruction to complete your cash-in. Also, you’ll receive an SMS and email notification regarding the instruction and cash-in details.

How much can I load to Lazada Wallet?

If you want to load your Lazada Wallet, the good thing is you can cash in for as low as P20, so you can always top-up no matter how much you can. But if you’re a big-time spender, do note that your Lazada Wallet only has a P100,000 balance limit, including rebates and refunds. 

How long will the load reflect on Lazada Wallet?

Since Lazada Wallet has varying cash-in channels, the time it will reflect in your account also differs. That’s why if you’re in for convenience, you can opt for the following which works for you:

  • Realtime- GCash, Debit/Credit Card, Linked Bank Account (Metrobank, Unionbank)
  • Realtime or within 5 minutes- 7-11, TouchPay (SM Bills Payment, Bayad Center, and ExpressPay are currently unavailable) 
  • Within 1-hour- BPI, Bills Payment/Bank Transfer (Metrobank) *Currently Unavailable
  • Within 25 hours- BDO

How to check my Lazada Wallet?

To check your Lazada Wallet, log in to your account and click the Wallet button. Then, you’ll see your Lazada Wallet balance beside the Cash In. But if you recently created a Lazada account, click the Wallet button, and under My Wallet, click Activate My Wallet to start using your Lazada Wallet.