How to Load DITO SIM using GCash

DITO is one of the newest networks in the Philippines, offering affordable plans from call and text promos to mobile data. Despite being a newcomer in the telecommunity, DITO instantly gained subscribers with their 25GB of high-speed data for 30 days as soon as you activate their sim card bought during the promo period.

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But what if your DITO sim runs out of data or your plan is about to expire? How do you exactly top up the DITO sim? If you’re looking for convenient ways, GCash is one of the best options to load the DITO sim. So if you’re a new subscriber, read on as we discuss how to load the DITO sim using GCash.

How to load the DITO sim using GCash?

There are many ways you can choose from to load the DITO sim using GCash. You can buy load using the DITO mobile app and select GCash as the payment method or the GCash app Buy Load feature. Another way to load DITO sim is to buy load at Lazada or Shopee and choose GCash as the payment source. To do so, follow the steps below on how to load the DITO sim using GCash:

Via DITO Mobile App

  1. Launch the DITO app.
  2. Log in using your DITO number and the password displayed on the welcome text message when you activate your DITO sim.
  3. On the dashboard, click Buy Load.
  4. Under the Buy Load page, the Recipients Mobile Number automatically selects your DITO number. If you’re buying a load for someone else, enter their DITO number.
  5. Next, choose your preferred load amount or a Custom Denomination and click the Buy button below.
  6. On the Payment Method page, select GCash as the source.
  7. Log in to your GCash wallet to proceed with the payment.
  8. Input the 6-digit authentication sent to the GCash number and click Next.
  9. Enter your GCash MPIN and click Next.
  10. Double-check the payment details and ensures you have sufficient funds in your GCash wallet. Then, click the Pay button.
  11. Wait for a confirmation text from DITO indicating a successful transaction. Also, check the DITO app to see if the purchased load reflects.

Via GCash App

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  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. Log in to your wallet using your MPIN.
  3. On the dashboard, click Buy Load.
  4. Under the Buy Load page, enter the DITO number you want to top up or choose from your phone contacts and click Next.
  5. Afterward, you’ll see a list of load denominations from different mobile networks. Look for the DITO network. Choose the load promo you want to buy and click Next.
  6. Double-check your transaction details and click the Pay button.
  7. Wait for a confirmation from GCash and DITO indicating a successful transaction. You can also check the balance on your DITO app.

Via Lazada/ Shopee

If purchasing via third-party sellers in Lazada or Shopee, follow these steps to load the DITO sim:

  1. Launch the Lazada or Shopee app or visit their website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. On the search button, enter DITO load.
  4. Choose the DITO load denomination to purchase and click Add To Cart.
  5. If satisfied with your selected DITO load promo, click the Cart button.
  6. Proceed to checkout, choose GCash as the payment method, and place your order.
  7. Log in to your GCash wallet or scan the QR code to pay.
  8. Then, you’ll receive a confirmation indicating a successful purchase.