Byaheros Express Rates

There’s a new delivery service in town, and it’s fast becoming a household name among businesses and their customers. Let’s get to know more about Byaheros Express, with its promising tag-line, “Ka-Byahe Mo sa Pag-Asenso!”

Despite becoming a newcomer to the industry, Byahero Express has already gained recognition – particularly as a recipient of the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence, as well as the National Customers Choice Annual Awards in 2021. What makes Byahero Express stand out? Here is a quick overview of its services:

• Regular Shipping or Next Day Delivery
• On-Demand or Same Day Delivery
• Bills Payment

Aside from these services, the company is also set to introduce “PasaHeroes,” a passenger hailing service similar to Uber, and “Orders,” a future service that will enable customers to buy food, groceries, and medicine from nearby restaurants, stores, and pharmacies.

At present, Byaheros Express has branches in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Pampanga, Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, and other provinces across the Philippines.

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Same Day Delivery, Most Delivery Attempts

For those who need to make urgent deliveries, Byaheros Express offers on-demand or same day deliveries – an impressive feat, since the company has more than 10,000 motorcycle riders and 5,000 light to heavy trucks! It is also known for having “the most delivery attempts.” A Byaheros Express rider will attempt to deliver a package up to five (5) times, just to make sure that it reaches the customer. Cool!

Byaheros Express Rates

Based on its official website, Byaheros Express’ rates are as follows… The first amount refers to “same city or same province” rates, while the second amount refers to “cross province” rates:

Extra Small Pouch (5.5×10 in.) – PHP 70 / PHP 90
Small Pouch (9.5×14 in.) – PHP 80 / PHP 120
Medium Pouch (12×17.5 in.) – PHP 100 / PHP 150
Large Pouch (15.5x20x4 in.) – PHP 120 / PHP 200
Box Small (12x10x5 in.) – PHP 160 / PHP 200
Box Medium (14×10.5×7 in.) – PHP 180 / PHP 230
Box Large (18x12x9 in.) – PHP 200 / PHP 280
Box Extra Large (20x16x12 in.) – PHP 240 / PHP 450

Client Advantages and Rewards

If you’re a business owner or a freelancer, signing up with Byaheros Express entails certain advantages. The company provides a dedicated account manager for each client, as well as real-time monitoring of deliveries with a VIP dashboard. What’s more, there’s a cashback program where clients can earn up to PHP 7,500 a month for an average of 50 parcels per day. Great!

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of its commitment to caring for the environment, the company has created a “Collect and Recycle” program that aims to help eliminate the use of plastics. It urges clients and customers to participate in two ways: by dropping used Byaheros Express plastic pouches in any of its branches; or by contacting the Client Support Team to schedule a pick up. Awesome!

Without a doubt, Byaheros Express will continue to be a leading delivery service provider in the country. To learn more about its services and rates, please visit the company’s official website at and Facebook page at