Work From Home? 5 Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Internet

As the coronavirus continues to rummage the entire Philippines, work hours have been suspended and most employees are now adopting a work-from-home arrangement during home quarantine. Now, this is a big change for most of us – with our daily schedule, our work-life balance – but the biggest concern for everyone right now working from home is internet speed.

Due to the home quarantine, millions of Filipinos are now at home consuming internet data, which has caused some slowing down due to unprecedented traffic. The demand for steady and fast internet is definitely on the rise in this trying time, but there are some things you can do on your own to help you get speedier connections.

Here are 5 things you can try to get faster internet and work better and more productive from home.

Avail of unlimited Fiber data plans from Globe or PLDT

Surfing the web is probably still a breeze for those of you who have availed Globe At Home’s Go Unli plans or PLDT’s Unli Fibr plans. These unlimited plans have no data cap and have fast browsing speeds, which depending on the plan can reach up to 100 Mbps. Thus, these arrangements are the most recommended for work-from-home jobs.

Additionally, PLDT is offering a speed boost to their Fibr patrons, such that the minimum speed is 25 Mbps until April 30. This is PLDT’s answer to the greater need of data during quarantine season and to encourage users to stay home. The speed boost will be applied to customers from Metro Manila and Greater Manila (Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal).

You can apply or upgrade to these unlimited plans through Globe and PLDT’s websites. However, processing of applications and deliveries may be delayed due to the companies’ observance of the quarantine.

Avoid bandwidth-hogging activities

Streaming services like Youtube and Netflix are great as entertainment, but terrible if you want to achieve the best internet speeds possible for your work duties. Video streaming accounts for more than 60% of data delivered to consumers, according to a 2019 report by an American network equipment company. Thus, the recent influx of Filipinos bingeing Netflix shows definitely impacts the whole country’s bandwidth.

In your own household, lower your data traffic by putting a cap on your streaming usage or lowering video quality, switching to standard definition if HD is not necessary. Responsible and considerate internet use goes a long way – not just for you, but for everyone working from home.

Besides, why are you even on Netflix if you want to be productive?

Optimize your router

Sometimes your slow connectivity problems could simply because of your router. Make sure your router is located in an open, central location for maximum connectivity – not hidden in a corner or behind a cabinet. You may need to do some cabling work to have your router in an optimal place, but this simple trick could work wonders on the browsing speeds you can attain.

If your slow connectivity has been a persisting problem, maybe consider upgrading your router to a better model after the quarantine is lifted. Upgraded routers can spread your WiFi further and support more devices more easily. While a new router doesn’t improve the internet speed coming into your home, it definitely impacts the speed you see on your devices.

Install a WiFi extender

If you don’t want to get into some serious cabling with your router, a WiFi extender is a cheap alternative to spread your WiFi and reach those WiFi dead zones in your home. These small devices connect to the internet from your router, and then extends or repeats the signals further.

Plug in a WiFi extender if you have one lying around, but you can find and buy one of these inexpensive gadgets on Shopee post-quarantine.

Wire in your device to the router

If everything wireless has been run and done to no effect, maybe it’s time to go wired instead. If you need one device that needs to get the fastest internet possible, wiring it into your router via Ethernet cable may be the way to go. A wired connection is generally faster and much more stable, although it does limit where you can set up your devices.

If you work from home and are considering making the wired setup more permanent, you will want to do some cable management to keep everything tidy and in place. Using brackets to secure the cables to the wall, for example, will really make your office space clean and organized.

No matter the state of your internet connection during quarantine, it is important that we stay home and keep all of our work indoors, if possible.

How are you coping with the internet this quarantine season? Do you have any tips on how to make your Internet faster for work-from-home jobs? Share them with us below!