How to Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Are you wondering how to watch live sports on FireSticK? If yes, then we got you covered! Whether you love tennis, football, or rugby, watching live sports is possible on your FireStick device.

Keep reading as we share how to watch live sports on FireStick and what apps you can use with a subscription or free to enjoy your favorite sports in real time!

Can You Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Yes, you can watch live sports on FireStick! You have three options, through the Amazon Silk browser, subscribing to official apps, or watching live sports for free using unverified apps. However, if you want to use unverified apps, don’t forget to use a VPN on your FireStick device to hide your IP address and avoid legal problems.

Aside from watching live sports, some apps allow you to watch highlights, replays, analyses, and reviews for the game event you missed watching. So if you’re only continuing your subscription to your cable service due to channels with live sports, don’t worry. You can now watch live sports on FireStick with a subscription or free of charge!

How to Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Once you have installed a VPN on your device, you can follow any of the steps below to watch live sports on FireStick:

Via Amazon Silk Browser

  1. Launch FireStick on your device.
  2. On the FireStick home screen, click the Find icon and go to the search tab.
  3. Enter the Internet Browser.
  4. Select the Internet icon and click Download.
  5. Once the app download is complete, click Open to launch the installed browser.
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions of Amazon Silk Browser to continue.
  7. On the URL tab, enter OR OR
  8. Then, a website will appear featuring varying sports. Select your favorite sports and start watching live for free on FireStick.

Via Official Apps

  1. Choose an official app on the list below to subscribe and watch live sports on FireStick.
  2. Next, launch FireStick on your device and look for the Find icon on the home screen.
  3. Go to the Search tab and enter the name of the official app using the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Select the official app you want and click Get/Download.
  5. Pay the subscription fee, if applicable.
  6. Then, start watching your favorite sports live on FireStick.

Via Unverified Apps

On the other hand, if paying a subscription fee is burdensome, you can select an unverified app on the list below to watch live sports for free on FireStick. But since third-party apps aren’t on Amazon App Store, you need to sideload the said apps on your FireStick device.

Also, note that using unverified apps can’t be confirmed if legal and safe to use. So it’s ideal to use a VPN on your FireStick device. To get a third-party app on FireStick, you should install the Downloader app first. Next, change the FireStick security setting by enabling the Downloader app.

Afterward, launch the Downloader app and enter the source APK file of the unverified app you want to download. Wait for the installation of the unverified app and delete the source apk file as it will only consume space on your FireStick storage. Then, go to the unverified app interface and watch live sports for free on FireStick.

Top Apps to Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Official Apps (With Subscription)


One of the top live streaming services in the United States for sports content, ESPN+ is the best app if you’re willing to pay a subscription fee. It is a must-have for avid sports fans, offering access to exclusive sports events.

YouTube TV

Another go-to platform for sports fans, YouTube TV, is included with the on-demand content and live TV bundle of Google. It’s a streaming service that offers over 85 channels, such as ESPN, ESPN 2, MLB, NBA TV, NBC Sports, and NFL.

Fubo TV

First launched as a soccer platform, Fubo TV is another must-have app for watching live sports. It offers add-on packages and over 100 channels, such as ESPN, ESPN 2, Fight, Golf, MLB, NBA TV, NFL, NHL, Stadium, and Tennis.


Offering a 1-month free trial before paying a subscription, Dazn is a sports entertainment platform available to over 200 countries and territories. It’s a global app that provides on-demand content and streaming of various live sporting events, such as La Liga, FIFA, and UEFA.

Sling TV

Boasting a collection of features that will surely satisfy users’ needs, Sling TV offers real-time streaming of sports and other channels on FireStick. This app also offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to assess if their service meets your streaming needs.


If you’re looking for a cheap streaming service that offers live sports and TV shows, Hulu got your back. It offers sports channels, such as CBS, ESPN, Fox, FS1, and NBC. With Hulu, you can also watch regional sports.

Fox Sports

For those fans of Fox Sports, you can now enjoy your favorite network by downloading the app on your FireStick device. You can download Fox Sports on the Amazon App Store, one of the best platforms offering live sports events!

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a great app to watch live sports and get the latest game news and scoring. However, it’s not free and requires a premium membership account to enjoy live sports on FireStick.

Unverified Apps (For Free)

Live NetTV

A popular app for android devices, Live NetTV is a streaming app that offers over 800 channels where you can watch live content for free! In addition, this app offers over 150 sports channels in Canada, the US, Spain, and India. 

Lepto Sports

Another android app, Lepto Sports, is a newly launched and updated version of the discontinued Vola Sports app. However, this app has a limited sports category as it focuses on basketball, cricket, and soccer games. 


Kodi is one of the most used apps for FireStick subscribers to jailbreak their devices. It was a legal app available on the Amazon App store before being removed in 2015. But although Kodi is a free media player app, it offers add-ons to upgrade your entertainment experience.

Rapid Streamz 

Lastly, Rapid Streamz is a must-try app on your FireStick device to access various sporting events worldwide, from the United States and Europe to Africa and Asia. It offers loads of channels with live sports events that you can use for free. But since it’s a free streaming app, the only downside is you’ll have to deal with ads.