How To Report Scammer on Gcash?

With the development of e-wallets, such as GCash, many transactions are made possible and convenient, from purchasing goods and services to paying utility bills and even loans. However, despite the said benefits, it’s inevitable for some to encounter unpleasant circumstances by transacting online. Whether it’s your first time using the app or you are suspecting a fraud transaction, you might be wondering how to report a scammer on GCash. And in this article, you’ll learn how to file a report against a scammer on GCash, so keep reading.

How to report Scammer on GCash?

If you think you were scammed by another GCash user, download and fill out the GCash User Complaint Form. A duly-accomplished Complaint Form is necessary before GCash officially processes your report about another GCash user being a scammer. After filling out the form, get it notarized and attach it when you submit a ticket.

In addition, ensure that your complaint is detailed and includes the following information:

  • Transaction method
  • Name of the person or website you’re complaining of fraud
  • In a separate document, include proof of transaction
  • Time of transaction
  • The amount involved in the transaction

How to Submit a Ticket to report Scammer on GCash?

Once you’ve filled out the Complaint Form, let’s discuss how to report a scammer on GCash. To report a scammer on GCash, follow the steps below on how to Submit a Ticket:

  1. Launch the app and go to the GCash Help Center.
  2. Fill out the required fields in the Submit a Ticket section, including your Email Address, GCash registered Full Name, and GCash registered Mobile Number.
  3. Under the Concern Category, choose My GCash Account. Then, click “I was scammed” on the options.
  4. Under the Explain your concern field, enter the Time and Date of the Transaction and GCash Reference Number if the payment method is GCash.
  5. Enter the GCash Number of the scammer under the Alleged Fraud Number. Also, it is better to enter the Alleged Fraudster’s Full Name if available.
  6. Then, select the Type of Scam associated with the fraud transaction, such as Fake Sellers.
  7. Provide the following proof of transaction on the Attachments, including:
  • Screenshots of the transaction conversation with the alleged scammer
  • Screenshot and link of the product advertised for fraud transactions
  • Receipts of the transaction with the scammer
  1. Click Submit to complete the report.
  2. After submitting a ticket, follow the instructions on how to submit a police report. You need to file a police report regarding the GCash wallet and name at the nearest police station in your area.

Furthermore, ensure you provide an active email address since you’ll receive the Ticket Number via email. Then, wait for a GCash representative to respond to your report. If there is no response within 24 hours, use the Ticket Number to follow up on the fraud transaction with the GCash Help Center.

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Remember, if you think you’re dealing with an alleged scammer using a GCash account, ensure to submit a ticket as soon as possible. GCash will temporarily suspend the scammer’s account for 72 hours after you submit a ticket. Moreover, if you’ve confirmed that the person you’re transacting with is a real scammer, filing a police report will permanently disable their GCash account.