Remote Work: How It Enables You To Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

Remote Work, the freedom to do work at our own comfort without worrying about waking up really early but ending up being late somehow, what to wear to office the next day, squeezing in tight spaces on commute just to look haggard at work. We have all been there, you’re not the only one, trust me.

Companies are slowly transitioning from the normal 9 to 5 office working, to flexible remote working for their employees. Some employees and freelancers prefer to work at home, at a coffee shop, and some employers even send their employees to flexible workspaces like a Coworking Space.

Being able to work while having the luxury of time to still do your personal things is absolutely a dream come true and everyone would do anything for it.

I mean, who would want to spend their whole day, waking up very early, going off at work at the end of the day, feeling tired and not being able to do the things that you want to do?

In this article, we will discuss how Remote Work is beneficial and how it enables you to live your ideal lifestyle, while having the balance between work and personal life.

More Time To Take Care Of Ourselves

Taking care of ourselves plays a significant role in our daily function. Taking care of ourselves can be in many forms such as doing skin-care routines, keeping a healthy diet instead of ordering take outs because of the rush to work, taking the time to exercise and have a quick jog outside, or as simple as tending to your needs.

Remote Work allows you to have the luxury to take care of yourself even more.Instead of rushing in the morning to go to work and going home feeling tired, not having enough energy to give yourself some time to take care of yourself, can have negative effects on your lifestyle.

Allocating an hour for self-care in the morning before going to work, and in the evening before going to bed, instead of wasting time on commute, can make a huge impact on having a positive lifestyle.

Enables You To Follow A Healthy Routine

Remote Working lets you take things slow, I mean you can even go to work without brushing your teeth or having to take a shower (although, we do not recommend this kind of routine.)

Following a routine is beneficial in more ways than one. It promotes a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a positive mental health. A routine keeps us organized to keep us from feeling overwhelmed, reduces stress and anxious levels, and keeps our mind refreshed and ready for the next day.

Starting the day with a set schedule on your agendas for the day helps you create a healthy routine. Having a consistent bedtime, not skipping meals, and enables you to develop healthy, positive habits that can improve your mental health and overall lifestyle.

Spend More Time With Family And Friends

Remote Work provides the freedom of being able to work anywhere you want. Spending the evening with your family over dinner, instead of being stuck in traffic late at night, strengthens your bond and relationship with them. It even allows you to visit your family members even out of the country with the convenience of bringing your laptop to work at their place.

This also works for employees who would want to spend to bond with their closest friends. Getting ready to go out on a Friday night tight after your work hours instead of being completely tired coming home from work. 

There are times when we work so hard that we forget to give time to our family and friends. It is important to maintain a strong connection and relationship with the people around you to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle between work and personal life. 

Opportunity To Learn New Things

As we have mentioned, Remote Work helps you allocate your time in different things rather than spending your time preparing for work and the back-and-forth long, tedious commute. One way of wisely spending your time is to learn new things.

Learning new things in your extra time can help you explore new experiences that can elevate your lifestyle. It keeps you healthy by keeping your mind and body engaged in exciting activities. Getting to learn a skill or hobby is therapeutic that keeps our mind busy and it is also rewarding and exciting at the same time.

Growing your skill set also allows you to open new doors for personal and professional growth.

Want to learn how to bake to add to your list of hobbies? Or maybe you want to join and learn in an online course about the stock market? Or you want to gather new knowledge-based skills to get a promotion? There are endless possibilities to learn now that you have the extra time at your disposal.

Enables A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Setting boundaries between work and personal life might be difficult especially when your workstation and place of comfort and relaxation are in one place. 

Setting boundaries can be as easy as not thinking about work beyond or not looking at your work email notifications before and after work hours. It may be easier said than done, some of us cannot really resist the itch to think about work especially on busier days. 

Having a work-life balance is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it should not clash with one another. Enabling a healthy work-life balance is a way to seperate your life as a worker and as a human being trying to live life to the fullest.

Prevent Burnouts

Remote Working is not only restricted to working from home. You can also bring your work outside of your home where you can separate yourself from household responsibilities and such.

Working from home is fun, don’t get me wrong, but in the long run, it will eventually become boring, repetitive and loneliness will start to creep in. Not only that, but burnouts will be more noticeable and inevitable.

A flexible workspace outside your home may be beneficial if you eventually get tired of working from home.A Coworking Space at Weremote is a collaborative workspace where you can fully focus on your work while having the chance to expand your network with professionals alike. It allows you to socialize with other workers while working in a space together which promotes a work-life balance structure.

Weremote offers a variety of workspace solutions that varies from Coworking Spaces, Private Office to a Virtual Office that every remote worker can benefit from to enhance their work-life balance to maintain the goal of having a healthy lifestyle.


The key to maintaining and living the ideal lifestyle is to separate and identify ourselves between work life and personal life. Remote work provides us the extra time we need to get out of the rush lifestyle where everything should be done as soon as possible just to avoid the consequences. Remote work has opened us new opportunities to explore in life. It enables us to take things slow and enjoy life in a better way.