How To Install SO Player On FireStick

Did you recently buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick and wondering how to get more access to numerous movies and TV shows? If yes, then this article is for you. With SO Player, you can enjoy hundreds of free content on your FireStick device. So you can binge-watch without worries!

In addition, SO Player is the top app for FireStick subscribers that you should definitely try. But how do you install SO Player on FireStick? Keep reading as we share an in-depth guide on how to install SO Player on FireStick!

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What Is SO Player

SO Player is a free web media player that doesn’t include content, and access to IPTV services is necessary. Although IPTV services provide loads of on-demand content, live TV channels, and more, it doesn’t have an IPTV Player.

So if you’re using FireStick, you should use a third-party IPTV player, such as SO Player, to stream content. By doing so, the IPTV service will import the playlist to the SO Player app.

But note that you need to get a login credential from your IPTV service to use SO Player on FireStick. You will need login credentials to merge an IPTV service to SO Player, such as login ID, password, PIN code, M3U link, and more.

Also, even if you use a SO Player, the quality of stream contents relies on your IPTV service provider. In short, this IPTV player only allows you to play and stream audio and video content from different online sources.

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SO Player Features

But why do you need to install SO Player on FireStick or Android TV? You should know that SO Player offers plenty of features to level up your IPTV entertainment experience.

So let’s take a look at the following SO Player features that would certainly convince you to download it on FireStick:

  • Provides content using IPTV service
  • Excellent video clarity
  • Compatible with Fire TV, iPhone, iOS, Windows Computer, and more
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows scheduled recording and sleep timer
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) includes the program’s full description and schedule
  • Loads of on-demand content
  • With parental control and catch up feature
  • VPN compatibility

On the other hand, since SO Player allows free streaming of content, you should be aware of possible legal problems you may counter. Thus, you should use a VPN to prevent problems.

How To Install SO Player On FireStick

Now, let’s discuss how to install SO Player on FireStick.

Like other third-party apps, SO Player isn’t on Amazon App Store, which means you cannot download it directly to your FireStick device. Instead, you need to sideload SO Player on FireStick via the Downloader app. 

Nonetheless, this process is pretty simple. All you have to do is to get the Downloader app on FireStick. Next, use the Downloader app to download the source APK file for SO Player. Then, install the SO Player on FireStick. You also need to modify the FireStick settings to successfully sideload SO Player.

And to install SO Player on FireStick, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install Downloader App On FireStick

  1. Launch FireStick on your device.
  2. On the FireStick home screen, click the Find icon and go to the search tab.
  3. Enter the Downloader app and search.
  4. Click the Get/Download button to install the Downloader app on your FireStick device.

Step 2: Modify FireStick Settings

After you have the Downloader app, the next step is to modify FireStick settings before downloading the source APK file for SO Player to avoid errors during installation.

  1. Click the Home button to return to the FireStick home screen.
  2. Look for the Settings icon and click it.
  3. On the menu, click My Fire TV.
  4. Next, choose Developer Options.
  5. Turn ON the Apps from Unknown Sources to allow installation of third-party applications from the web.

Step 3: Install SO Player On FireStick

Once you have the Downloader app and modified FireStick setting, the final step is to install SO Player on FireStick. 

  1. On the Home tab, scroll right and click the Apps menu.
  2. Launch the Downloader app.
  3. Under the Enter a URL or Search Term section, input
  4. Click GO and wait for the Downloader app to complete downloading the source APK file for SO Player on FireStick.
  5. Once the download is complete, a screen will appear, initiating the installation. Click INSTALL to proceed.
  6. After installing SO Player on Firestick, click DONE and delete the SO Player APK file. Note that you should delete the APK file to save space on your FireStick and prevent lag due to low storage.

If you already installed the SO Player on your FireStick device, you can pin it on the home screen for ease of use. To do so, get your remote and hold the FireStick home button. Click the Apps menu and go to SO Player but don’t open it. 

Next, click Options and Move on the menu. Move SO Player with your top most used apps and click select to verify its new location. Then, return to the FireStick home screen, where SO Player is pinned with your favorite apps.

How To Log In To SO Player On FireStick

As stated, SO Player isn’t an IPTV service. Thus, you need to get login details from your IPTV provider to stream free content. To do so, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the SO Player app.
  2. On the login options, select PIN CODE.
  3. Enter the PIN from your IPTV provider and click Next.
  4. Next, enter the Provider IP using the on-screen keyboard and click Next.
  5. Then, wait for SO Player to redirect to its home page.

Is It Legal To Use SO Player

While many FireStick subscribers use SO Player, the questions on its legality are hard to confirm. But since Amazon App Store doesn’t have SO Player for FireStick, it should indicate red flags.

Nonetheless, using SO Player is perfectly fine. The only problem is when you incorporate SO Player with IPTV services, which may contain unlicensed contents depending on the region. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use a VPN on FireStick to avoid legal problems.