4 Important Tips for Influencer Marketing in the Philippines

The advertising and marketing industry in the Philippines has been revolutionized by influencers, who have changed the game in the past decade or so. Influencers, not only in the Philippines but all over the world, have become more popular and successful in terms of advertising and marketing.

A huge population of people in the Philippines follows social media influencers, and they are regarded as opinion leaders by their fan following. This means that these influencers have a significant impact on the buying intentions and decisions of their community.

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These influencers and content creators can be found on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Chatroulette, and Snapchat, creating unique and engaging content. If you are a brand that is looking to work with a Filipino influencer, you will find yourself lucky as there are so many Filipino influencers out there who are easily accessible and cover a wide range of niches, whether it’s beauty and fashion, food and travel, or something else entirely.

If you are considering collaborating with influencers in the Philippines, we have some important tips for you that will help make your influencer marketing campaign more effective. These are discussed below:

Find the Right Influencers

The first thing to do while getting yourself involved in influencer marketing is to find the right influencers. Influencer marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds because coming up with an effective influencer marketing strategy is no piece of the cake. You cannot just rely on influencers who have millions of followers to increase your brand awareness, sales, and conversions.

There are multiple things that you need to consider before partnering with an influencer, such as: Does the influencer’s audience fit my target market? Is the influencer popular on a single social platform like Omegle or on multiple social platforms? Does the influencer align with my brand’s values? Will the influencer be able to create unique content for my marketing campaign? Factors like audiences, values, niches, creativity, and effectiveness must be considered before choosing any influencer to collaborate with.

Do Background Research

While choosing influencers, it is important to perform a slight background review. The Philippines is home to a diverse group of people with varying beliefs, opinions, and religions. In addition, there are also some social, political, and historical issues that could impact the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign. Therefore, it is important to do background research on influencers with whom you are going to collaborate.

Choosing someone who has a clean record and is deemed ‘unproblematic’ by the general audience is the wise thing to do because a small issue can disrupt the effectiveness of the whole campaign. The Philippines is also not exempt from the cancel culture, so conducting background research and inspecting influencers beyond the surface level is crucial.

Allow Creative Freedom

One of the major reasons why influencers have a loyal and engaging following is their originality and creativity. Their original and creative content sets them apart and builds a loyal following for them. So, while you are looking for influencers for your brand, make sure that you pay attention to their creativity, uniqueness, innovation, and creative flair.

Once you have chosen a creative influencer, make sure that you give them the space and creative freedom so that they can come up with natural and creative content. Providing minimal and reasonable limitations regarding the content is fine, but controlling every detail of the content wouldn’t feel natural. The followers will realize that the content is not authentic, but rather insincere and scripted. Well, when it comes to creativity, you can sometimes practice that on your own. Consider editing your video online and create content that can attract an audience more efficiently.

Prioritize Engagement Over Follower Count

Prioritizing follower count over engagement is just nonsense. Most people think that working with an influencer who has millions of followers will result in more sales and conversions, but that is not true. You cannot measure the effectiveness of an influencer just by measuring his or her follower count. An influencer with more than 1 million followers but minimal engagement from the audience won’t be much help to your brand.

So, while you are choosing an influencer to work with, make sure that you prioritize engagement instead of followers. Avoid working with influencers who have fake followers. And see if you can find an influencer who has a strong community, as it would lead to user-generated content, which will also be beneficial for your brand.