How To Buy Diamond Eternity Rings from Dubai?

Diamond shopping is economical in Dubai—all thanks to their government’s tax-friendly policies for tourists. Not only that they have introduced negligible taxes on gold and diamond, but they have also designated a dedicated space for diamonds, i.e., a diamond park, which is a tax-free zone.

So, if you have decided to buy the diamond eternity rings from Dubai, you are going the right way. However, you need to remember a few things while doing that:

Be Mindful of the 4Cs

This rule applies to purchasing diamonds everywhere, including Dubai. You are buying an eternity ring, which means there are going to be more than one diamond. If you are running on a tight budget, these 4Cs are your chance to buy a perfect ring at a lower price. But you have to play your cards right.

Color: In the conventional diamond, the less the color of the stone is, the more will be its value. The scale to measure diamond’s color and ultimately its quality has 20 grades ranging from D to Z. The quality is marked in descending order, i.e., D is the best color in quality while Z is the lowest one.

You can save up on this characteristic by going for eye-white color. Choose the color grade that looks white to the naked eye. You can go for a G grade, which has a yellowish tinge that can be seen only by an expert gemologist. Many people recommend even H if you are going for the excellent cut, but it can be risky in an eternity ring. There are multiple diamonds in this ring whose look relies on the diamonds’ sparkle.

Clarity: Natural diamonds are not totally perfect. They contain certain inclusions and imperfections. The more these imperfections are absent in a diamond, the higher it is in value. The clarity scale begins from ‘Flawless’ and ends at ‘Included’ with the former having the highest quality and value. You can save up on this characteristic as well by going for an eye-clear scale. SI1 and SI2 do not cost much but look perfectly clear to the onlooker.

Carat Weight: This characteristic simply denotes the weight of the diamond. Since an eternity ring has multiple diamonds, you can save a lot by going for small gemstones.

Cut: The utmost important characteristic of the diamond, a cut determines the gemstone’s brilliance and hence the ring’s overall look. You cannot compromise on this one, as it influences the other Cs too. A diamond has to be faceted to make it sparkle.

The cutting of the diamond renders many facets in the gemstone, which are responsible for its sparkle. Always go for the excellent quality, as it will hide the low quality in color and clarity.

Set a Budget

It is always good to set a budget beforehand when making a hefty purchase. Your budget would help you make a choice when you are confused with too many options. Do not make a rigid budget though; setting a ballpark will do.

You can determine your budget by a little research. Look up diamond stores in Dubai on the internet. See the prices of the eternity rings and assess how much you would need to buy one. Try to stick to this budget when you are in the market and browsing the sparkly, brilliant diamond rings.

Ask for Authentic Certification

Considered as the 5th C of the diamond, certification is crucial to avoid scams and sub-par quality products. A diamond certificate is obtained from a third party, which assesses the diamond’s quality and writes its description. The Emirates requires its jewelry merchants to produce certificates against every diamond product.

However, there is no mandatory requirement for the certification. There are a handful of certification agencies, but not every institute’s certificate is authentic. Buy the product that comes with the certification from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and the American Gem Society (AGS).

Be Ready to Haggle

Many first-time buyers in Dubai do not know that there is huge room for haggling in Dubai’s diamond markets. Because of the tax relief and heavy influx of buyers, the vendors are willing to negotiate the prices. You can get the price down by 40-50 percent if you know how to negotiate.

Many stores offer discounts and packages for their diamond products. Choose the one that suits you, but be wary of the offers that sound too good to be true. They might be cheap but can also have compromised quality.