How To Activate GGives on GCash

GCash has leveled up the e-wallet features, from allowing bill payments to making online shopping more convenient. It also allows its users to save and invest, ensuring a better future. Aside from that, GCash also offers GGives, making it possible to purchase a product and pay later. While many installment plans are available, GGives is better since it has convenient payments. So if you’re interested in a product, check out this guide to learn how to activate GGives on GCash and pay depending on your preferred installment plan.

What is GGives on GCash?

GGives is an installment loan product the GCash app offers its users, allowing light and flexible installment plans that fit anyone’s budget when shopping from GGives partner merchants. Its users can make large purchases, especially electronics, and pay later based on the most applicable installment plan. 

How do GGives work?

If you’re new to GGives, there are many things that you should know before availing of a loan. First, GGives only allows one active loan at a time, similar to GLoan. If you want to avail another loan, you need to pay in full your dues. GGives also require a minimum spend of P1,000 and P50,000 for the maximum spending amount that depends on your profile and GScore rating. Another good thing with GGives is it allows flexible installment duration of 3, 6, or 12 months. It also has an interest rate of 0%-4.99%, depending on your preferred installment duration and GScore rating. The assigned interest rate is lower for a shorter payment duration.

Furthermore, you can enjoy a 0% down payment and 0% processing fee for a limited period by purchasing with GGives. Nonetheless, GGives charges a fixed amount of P100 for penalty fees and an additional 0.15% per day on the outstanding principal balance. So ensure to pay your GGives dues on time to avoid charges of penalty fees. Once you have fully paid your GGives total loan, you also need to re-apply to avail of another installment product. 

Who is eligible for GGives?

Before we discuss how to activate GGives on GCash, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Ages 21 to 65 years old
  • Filipino citizen
  • Fully verified GCash profile
  • Good credit record and didn’t perform fraudulent transactions
  • Good GScore rating
  • Based on credit risk rules and policies

How to activate GGives on GCash?

If you fall under the stated eligibility requirements above, follow the steps below on how to active GGives on GCash:

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. On the dashboard, click View all GCash Services.
  3. Under Financial Services, select GGives.
  4. Double-check your pre-filled Personal Information and click Next. If you want to make any changes, click User Profile to edit your Personal Information.
  5. Fill out the Other Information page and click Next.
  6. Double-check your details on the GGives Application page and ensure that it matches all your information.
  7. Tick off the boxes under the Fuse Lending Policies and click Activate My GGives.
  8. On your screen, a confirmation will appear, indicating a successful application for GGives. Return to GCash dashboard to use GGives.

How to use GGives?

Once you’ve activated your GGives, follow the steps below to make a purchase:

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. At the bottom of the dashboard, click QR.
  3. Next, scan the merchant’s QR code by aligning your phone camera.
  4. Input the amount of the item you want to purchase and click Next.
  5. Choose GGives as the payment method.
  6. Select your preferred installment option that indicates your payment schedule and click Next.
  7. Double-check the transaction details and agree to the Disclosure Statement.
  8. Then, click the Pay button.
  9. A confirmation receipt of your purchase will display on your screen. Save it on your device.

Where can I use GGives?

The GGives feature of GCash is used for Pay QR and only for shopping in physical stores. Since GGives is an offline loan product, you cannot purchase from online stores. Instead, you can use GGives when purchasing from their Partner Merchants.

Why is GGives not appearing on my checkout page?

There are two primary reasons why GGives is not on your checkout page. First, you’re not eligible to access GGives for now, and second, the merchant you’re purchasing from is not a GGives Partner Merchant.

Can I pay GGives balance in advance?

Yes, you can pay your GGives balance in advance. In addition, if you paid in advance, your outstanding balance and full loan amount qualify you for interest cashback. The interest cashback is automatically credited to your account the first week of the coming month. Also, GCash will send an SMS notification once given interest cashback.