March 14, 2023 Lotto Result – 6/58, 6/49, 6/42, 6D, 3D, EZ2

Good day, lotto enthusiasts! It’s another exciting day for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Lotto as we bring you the results of today’s draws. We have the Ultra Lotto 6/58, Super Lotto 6/49, 6/42 Lotto, 6D six digit, 3D Swertres, and EZ2 two digit games all waiting for their lucky winners.

Today is March 14, 2023, Tuesday, and the PCSO is set to reveal the winning combinations of these lotto games. As usual, thousands of Filipinos participated in the draws, hoping to strike it rich and change their lives for the better.

So without further ado, let’s find out the winning combinations for today’s PCSO Lotto draws.

Ultra Lotto 6/58
9PM: 17-27-48-41-58-52
In any order
Jackpot Prize: Php 49,500,000.00
No Winner

Super Lotto 6/49
9PM: 37-04-20-39-23-15
In any order
Jackpot Prize: Php 19,924,336.20
No Winner

6/42 National Lotto
9PM: 30-38-02-36-29-13
In any order
Jackpot Prize: Php 7,444,988.60
No Winner

6 Digit
9:00 pm: 2-6-9-8-4-3
In exact order

2:00 pm: 1-5-1
5:00 pm: 2-3-8
9:00 pm: 4-6-3
In exact order
P4,500 per ten-peso play

EZ2 Lotto
2:00pm: 30-03
5:00pm: 22-07
9:00pm: 25-30
In exact order
P4,000.00 per ten-peso play

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