6/42 PCSO Lotto Results

6/42 Lotto Results Today- To see the lucky numbers today, check below the history of 6/42 results, consisting of the winning numbers and prizes from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Latest 6/42 PCSO Lotto Results

What is 6/42 PCSO Lotto?

The 6/42 Lotto is another lottery game facilitated by PCSO, played by picking from numbers 1 to 42 and matching 6 numbers to win the jackpot prize. Launched on March 8, 1995, 6/42 is one of the oldest games from PCSO with an initial jackpot prize of P5,900,000 (net of agent prize commission).

Meanwhile, the initial jackpot prize increases and gets even better if no one matches the 6 winning numbers on the respected drawing. Like other PCSO games, 6/42 Lotto also aids in raising government funds for charities, health programs, and medical assistance services.

How To Play

Before proceeding with game mechanics, note that 6/42 Lotto and other lottery games from PCSO are only open to players 18 years old and above. The same goes for claiming cash prizes. In addition, the odds of winning this game jackpot prize are 1 in 5,245,786, so you have more chances with 6/42 Lotto.

To try your luck, follow the steps below to play the 6/42 Lotto:

  1. Visit the nearest PCSO-authorized lottery outlet.
  2. Grab a playing card bearing the logo of 6/42 Lotto.
  3. Choose a combination of six (6) numbers from 1 to 42. On your play card, mark down one (1) number on each column.
  4. If you can’t decide which numbers to bet on, select Lucky Pick (LP) to test your luck. It will allow the system to randomly pick a combination of numbers as your bet.
  5. You can also boost your winning chances with 6/42 Lotto System Play.
  6. To get the jackpot prize for 6/42 Lotto, the player should match 6 out of 6 winning numbers in any order. Also, PCSO will award consolation prizes to players who match 3, 4, or 5 winning combination numbers.
  7. After placing your bets, head to the cashier. Present your play card and pay for the ticket.
  8. Claim your printed lotto ticket and double-check if the data is accurate, especially the combination of numbers for your bet.
  9. Then, wait for the scheduled draw of the 6/42 Lotto to check if you’re the lucky winner who will take home the jackpot prize.

Since all jackpot-bearing lotto tickets are under the #Balikbente program, each 6/42 Lotto ticket costs P20 inclusive of the 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST). Nonetheless, the total bet cost will vary if you choose System Play, ranging from P168 to P22,176 based on the generated combination of numbers.

Below is an overview of the total bet cost for 6/42 Lotto System Play, including the number of combinations per bet cost:

System 5-Roll
Bet Cost: P888
Number of Combinations: 37 possible selections

System 7
Bet Cost: P168
Number of Combinations: 7 possible selections

System 8
Bet Cost: P672
Number of Combinations: 28 possible selections

System 9
Bet Cost: P2,016
Number of Combinations: 84 possible selections

System 10
Bet Cost: P5,040
Number of Combinations: 210 possible selections

System 11
Bet Cost: P11,088
Number of Combinations: 462 possible selections

System 12
Bet Cost: P22,176
Number of Combinations: 924 possible selections

Draw Schedule

The draw schedule of 6/42 Lotto is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 pm. On the other hand, PCSO may postpone draws during national holidays or special occasions. Thus, check PCSO as they make prior announcements for the draw suspension and to know when the resume date is. 

To watch the live streaming draws of 6/42 Lotto, you may visit the official Facebook page of PCSO and PTV. The live-streaming draw is also viewable on the official YouTube Channel of PCSO and pcso.gov.ph

What are the Prizes

If you’re new to this game, you are probably asking what cash prizes you can get from playing 6/42 Lotto. Each 6/42 Lotto ticket costs P20 and offers an initial jackpot prize worth P5,900,000 (net of agent prize commission).

The player who matches 6 out of 6 winning numbers in any order will take home the jackpot prize. If there’s no jackpot winner on the respective draw date, the initial jackpot prize gets bigger and better. However, if there are multiple winners for the jackpot prize, the jackpot prize will be divided equally.

Aside from the jackpot prize, players who match 3, 4, or 5 out of 6 winning numbers in any order can collect their consolation prizes from PCSO. Here’s the summary of cash prizes from PCSO for the 6/42 Lotto as per the pari-mutuel system:

1st Prize (Initial Jackpot)
Winning numbers: 6 out of 6
Prize: P5,900,000 (net of agent prize commission)

2nd Prize
Winning numbers: 5 out of 6
Prize: P24,000

3rd Prize
Winning numbers: 4 out of 6
Prize: P800

4th Prize
Winning numbers: 3 out of 6
Prize: P20

How To Claim Prize

Are you one of the lucky winners of the 6/42 Lotto today? If you are, congratulations! You can validate and claim your cash prize by following the instructions below:

  • For P20 to P10,000 prize, proceed to the nearest authorized Lotto outlet or PCSO Branch Office to claim your cash prize.
  • For P10,001 to P300,000 prize, proceed to the nearest PCSO Branch Office to claim your cash prize. Alternatively, you can claim your cash prize at the PCSO Main Office, 2nd Floor Sun Plaza Building, 1507 Princeton Street corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552.
  • For P300,001 to Jackpot Prize, you may claim your winnings at the PCSO Main Office, 2nd Floor Sun Plaza Building, 1507 Princeton Street corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552.

Reminders from PCSO

If you wish to play lottery games or claim your cash prize for the 6/42 Lotto, please take note of the following reminders from PCSO:

  • At least 18 years old and above can play PCSO lotto games and claim their winnings.
  • 6/42 Lotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 pm.
  • PCSO may postpone draws on national holidays or special occasions.
  • The live draw of 6/42 is available on PTV and PCSO’Facebook page or YouTube Channel.
  • Write your name and signature on the back of your winning lotto ticket. 
  • The 6/42 Lotto ticket cost P20 inclusive of 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) under the TRAIN law.
  • All players are responsible for checking the accuracy of the printed information on their lotto tickets.
  • Store your lotto ticket in a safe and dry place. Do not tamper, fold, iron, or crumple.
  • PCSO will machine validate all lotto tickets before winners can claim cash prizes.
  • Bring two (2) valid IDs when claiming cash prizes from PCSO.
  • All winning lotto tickets have one (1) year validity. So don’t forget to claim your cash prize before it expires.
  • Check the prize pay-out chart of PCSO for more information.
  • Lotto winners can only claim their cash prize at authorized lotto outlets and PCSO offices. So if any party claims to be part of lotto outlets or PCSO, disregard any assistance they offer.

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